Back to School Photos - The Cool New Way!

What did your school photos look like? 

I remember seeing a picture of my cousin who was wearing an acid wash denim dress, crimped hair, smiling stiffly and awkwardly in front of a LAZER BEAM background. You can picture this, can’t you? And I bet you have a photos almost exactly like it.

To be honest, back to school photos haven’t changed too much, have they? 

The school photos I get of my son, while adorable, are so painful to look at. His little eyes are practically squinted closed from smiling so dramatically hard, he is grasping his one forearm so firmly in the “the photographer told me to do this” pose that I can see the indentation. These photos crack me up! They are of course, a representation of his likeness, but they sure aren’t HIM.

I think you know exactly what I mean. These back to school photos don’t really show any of his personality.

So here’s the thing, I want something better for you and for your kids. I want to take photos of your children as they are. I want to show their real smiles, their cautiousness, the serious look that they give.  I want you to have honest images of your children that you both will cherish.

Whether your children are back to school on-line or in person this year, I think celebrating this year is still important.

I’m here to reinvent school photos with my Back to School Fine Art Mini Sessions, which will capture real photos of your child!

Ready to join me in capturing honest images of your kiddo? Book your session now!

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