Can I just get one good photo?

“But I just want one good photo…?”

I have heard this… a few times, to say the least!

“Can’t you just take one good photo of my family that I can put up in the living room?”

Well… yes! Of course I can!

But let me ask you, how many selfies do you take before you get ONE great photo that you love?

You’re probably nodding a bit at this point?

Being a professional photographer, there are a lot of things happening at a shoot that I can control:

- I’m going to help decide where we photograph and what time we go there for the best light for the time of day.
- I will tell you where at our location to stand or sit for the most flattering backdrop and lighting, and I will often help clients choose outfits.
- I will tell my families how and where to stand and where to put your hands (if you WANT to put them on your husband’s butt, that’s totally your choice).

But there are a lot of things I can’t control:
- How the kids are going to act or react to a new place and with a new person (let alone a new person with a weirdo big camera).
- Who is going to blink, sneeze or look away at any time.

- Crazy environmental things happening, like the guy walking behind you on the beach in the speedo (oh la la!), or the friendly seagull wanting to make a nest in your son’s hair.

Often it is the photos that we take at the end of the hour, after everyone has eased into the location, we have all become best friends, and the kids are busy inviting me to their next birthday party,  that are the best images from the whole session. Everyone is relaxed, the meltdowns have come and gone, and we have brought out the “incentives” (aka bribery). You’re laughing at the crazy hijinks your kids have been up to, swearing that they “aren’t normally like this!” and your husband is just grateful that he can unbutton his shirt and take off his belt.
That’s when the magic happens!

So, can I take just one nice photo? Yes! But sometimes it takes a lot to get there.

Are you ready for me to take (more than) one great photo of your family? 
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