Tips for Taking Your Own Newborn Photos

You want to know what hurts my heart so much during this time of social distancing? 
Not capturing your newborn babies. 

This makes me so sad because I want to take photos that show off those tiny toes, that soft downy hair and the incredible love and bond you already have.

I’m so sad I can’t spend time documenting this special time with your new family.
But what I can do, is help you capture this time and these special moments on your own.

So here are my top tips for capturing your own newborn.

1. Use only natural window light

Turn off all the lights in the room you are in, and turn off the flash on your camera too. Try to choose a time of day when the sun isn’t beaming directly into the window you are using. Ideally you should use the biggest window in your home, or failing that, simply open a door and shoot there. Place your back to the window or door, photographing inwards towards the house.

2. Capture these key images, keeping in mind to follow baby’s lead. If she is sleeping, let her sleep. If baby is awake, enjoy it!
- Lay baby on her back, on a neutral surface (like the the bed) and take an image from directly above, from chest level up.
- Have a parent hold the baby on her back, belly up, their hands under her back and bum, and the other supporting the back of her head and neck. Photograph the swirl of her hair, capturing the parent looking at the perfect babe in their hands.
- Tuck baby’s legs up up, and place her and her head on a parent’s chest, while the parent is either standing or sitting.

3. Capture every pose from at least two or three angles.
For each of the above poses, try capturing baby from a different vantage point, or get a little closer to capture details of the image. For example, of the image of a parent holding baby, also photograph this from the side, ask them to kiss baby on the forehead and capture again. Get a little closer, and photograph mom’s hands. Maximize every pose!

4. Don’t photograph up baby’s nose. 

This is a general “rule of thumb” when it comes to photographing babies (and people!). It’s not a particularly flattering vantage point, so… just don’t do it.

5. Use the self timer on your camera.

Get in the photo! It can be tricky, and will probably take a few tries, but it’s worth it.

I wish I could be with you, but I hope these tips will guide you through capturing this incredibly special and fleeting time in your baby’s life. I can’t wait to see you as soon as I can; the best part about shooting lifestyle images of newborns is that the images are gorgeous no matter how old baby is.
Have questions? Please reach out! I can’t wait to meet your new baby!

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