What I’m Doing for You During COVID

To say that these are weird and crazy times would be a bit of an understatement, right?

As we enter our 8th week of self-isolation, I wanted to share with you how we are doing as a family, what’s going on with my business and what I’m doing for YOU.

How’s my family doing?
I know how lucky I am to be self-isolating with my family right now. We are all healthy and safe. We have each other, and we have everything we need. We miss school, daycare, and little things like holding the door open for someone or stopping to talk with the mail delivery person. I’m not going to sugar coat it and say that it’s been a wonderful adventure, because personal struggles have been plenty; it’s been tough.

What’s going on with my Business?

I made the decision in January to follow my heart and focus solely on family and newborn photography. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings, but documenting the beauty of parenthood and family has become a passion that I wanted to capitalize on. I’m really good at it, and it makes my heart truly sing. I have been showing up on social media regularly, reaching out to form new business and personal relationships that will support my work, and really working hard to build my business. My goal is to be able to transition to working full-time at photography, and not spread my work, focus and attention to the other work that I have to do to support my family.
And then COVID-19 came along.
All of the photoshoots I had hoped to book for the spring and summer? Didn’t materialize. The amazing mini-shoots I had planned? Cancelled. The last summer wedding I was to shoot this year? Cancelled. My business has been completely gutted.
And yet, I will continue to forge on because I love documenting families. I know that this time is temporary, and love has not been cancelled. With your support, my dream will come true. After all of this, we will still want family photos and babies will be born.

What I’m doing for YOU!

I can’t be with you right now to take your photos, and so I’m doing my best to show up to help you take photos of your kids and your family. On Instagram I’ve hosted a few challenges to help you develop your photography skills, and here on this blog I’ve been posting about taking great photos of your kids, and showing you how to create meaningful connection in your photos. Do you have a DSLR camera sitting in a drawer that you got as a mother’s day present and meant to read the manual for… and just didn’t get around to it? You still totally don’t have time to read it, so let me help you! I’m offering some free help if you want quick pointers on using your camera, and taking it off of Automatic to get great images. Send me a message with what model your camera is, what you normally set it to, and what you want to photograph, and I will hook you up with help, friend! We can either schedule a quick video tutorial, or I will email you with pointers.
For my clients who have had to cancel, I’ve offered full refunds on deposits, and for those who are rescheduling we are working together to rebook. When it’s safe for us to get together again for photographs, I plan to offer a variety of safe options for clients so that you can choose how and where we can work together.

So, how are you doing? What’s going on in your world? Are you struggling with home schooling and working from home simultaneously? Are you sick of looking at the inside of your house? Are you missing people? Tell me all about it, friend.

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