What to Wear to Back to School Photos

It’s true, what you wear can affect the way a photo looks and feels, just as much as the location does. But to me, it isn’t as important as you. You make the image, and the location and what you wear are really secondary.

For Back to School Fine Art Minis, what your son or daughter wears is an expression of them in this moment in time, and I think we can allow children to show who they are, with a few guidelines in place.

Here are my top tips for what they should wear for these Back to School Photos:

1. The most important thing is that whatever your child is wearing, it should be something that they are comfortable in. If your child is uncomfortable, it will show in the photos. They will be playing with the collar of their fancy shirt, pulling at the hem of a dress they don’t like, or grimacing at the itchy sweater. 

2. Their clothing should be a reflection of who they are in this moment in time. Are they relaxed and prefer a hoodie? Or maybe your princess is happiest wearing the sparkly tutu! Whoever they are, let’s bring it out and let them express it.

3. Try to avoid neon colours, largo logos, or very busy or jarring prints. In general, these don’t photograph well, and shouldn’t be worn. 

My best strategy that I use with my own son is to pick out a couple of my favourite outfits, that I know he is comfortable in, and allow him to choose what he wants to wear. This way, he feels like he has input into and ultimate control over, what he wears.

Like I said, whatever your child wears, they are what’s important in the photos, not what they wear! I can’t wait to see your kids at my Back to School Fine Art Mini Sessions!

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